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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Pay close attention

"No well-intended person comes into your life with an outstretched hand asking; seeing what he/she can take; what he/she can get"

Any resource or attribute must be well managed, including generosity and goodwill. This involves developing the ability to read people, which really means reading their attitudes and actions. For example, well-intentioned people are characterized by giving with their words, giving with their gestures, giving with their body language, and giving with their attitudes. That is, they do not hesitate to pay a compliment or offer a word of support, a gesture, a hug, or a smile, or why not? a cash loan when someone really needs it. These are the people who add up, the generous people, and the ones who just stand out without having to promote themselves.

On the other hand, the people we must keep at bay are precisely those who exhibit the opposite traits. They are people who not only refuse to give but are determined to take everything they can without the slightest intention of giving anything back. It is very easy to protect yourself from these types of people. Simply identify the following traits and you will avoid small, medium, and even gigantic disappointments, not to mention real potential dangers:

1) No well-intended person comes into your life with an outstretched hand asking; seeing what he/she can take; what he/she can get.

2) No well-intended person has always a hurtful, offensive, or disrespectful comment on the tip of their tongue, ready to disguise it as “sincerity”. In fact, that is the mantra of the poisonous "I am very sincere". We know that whatever comes after such a statement is anything but something positive. As incredible as it may seem, many people, without the slightest compassion, are able to greet someone with an insult, disqualification, or a negative comment: "You are bald", "How ugly you are", or "Your face is full of acne”.

3) Body language, which according to experts sends more than 90% of the message and, curiously, nearly 90% of people tend to neglect, is responsible for many troubles and disagreements. The frown in a meeting, the crooked mouth when someone arrives at the meeting place, and the eyes rolled up, when faced with a particular comment, are signs of those who do not cultivate their inner world and therefore fail to develop their empathy.

"Well-intentioned people are characterized by controlling their words, their gestures, their body language and their attitudes"

In short, transcending the limitation of paying more attention to words and beginning to pay extreme care to attitudes will contribute, to a great extent, to detoxifying your environment and improving the habitat in your home, work, and any space where you live. Let's learn to separate sugar from salt.

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