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International Institute of Holistic Development (IIHD)

Becoming a channel through which the light of God heals millions

The INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT  (IIHD) is a training center committed to the evolution of consciousness of the individual, the State, and the corporations, as the driving forces of society in the  21st century.

​Founded and led by the internationally acclaimed master Lidia Nester and the prestigious life coach Francisco J. Tovar, the IIHD pushes for the maximum potential as the gold standard, considering the Mind-Body-Spirit unit.


Through research and the dissemination of sophisticated techniques, the IIHD currently promotes, in English and Spanish, such celebrated training programs that lead to professional certifications, as the Diploma in Training of Holistic Therapists, the Diploma in Training of Quantum Therapists, the Kabbalah Coach Program, amongst many other workshops and courses related to the area of alternative and complementary medicine, leadership, self-improvement, corporative productivity and social responsibility, etc.

​Along its trajectory, the IIHD has graduated more than 950 Holistic Therapists, dictated more than 3,000 hours of classes in more than 400 workshops, diploma courses, seminaries, and lectures worldwide.

For more information and the possibility to review the whole academic offer and register in one of the many training programs, log onto:

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