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Commit to your life purpose and success will follow

Francisco Tovar is a life coach, human rights activist and motivational speaker who has dedicated his life to the progressive development of the individual as a way to personal and collective success. He forged his eclectic and unique approach to life, PRAGMATIC HUMANISM©, by combining the best of two worlds: arduous academic preparation and equally rigorous spiritual training. Through his doctrine he promotes an overall vision with respect to man and his environment, which combines material reality with the spiritual world in the search for purpose and solutions before the demands of life, considering the family, the State and the corporations as the three fundamental actors in society whose interaction determines the destiny of humanity.


Francisco was part of the team of hosts of the radio show Gente Exitosa (Successful People), broadcast by Radio Tiempo 1200 AM, in Caracas - Venezuela, to later lead his own and recognized program, Semillas de Cambio (Seeds of Change), through the same dial. In both initiatives, he promoted what has become his signature approach, the foundations of PRAGMATIC HUMANISM©.

After experiencing, firsthand, the intimate correlation between the level of development of peoples and respect for human rights, he decided to found the Institute for Afrodiasporic Studies (IAS), a non-governmental organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights with a focus on the most vulnerable population (Afro-descendants). His passionate humanitarian work transcended borders with experiences in Colombia, the United States and Switzerland, which were soon to be recognized by the US DEPARTMENT OF STATE, the ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS and MIPAD GLOBAL 100, the latter recognized him as one of the 100 most influential people of African descent in the world for two consecutive years 2017-2018.


Today, through the International Institute  of Holistic Development (IIHD), Francisco promotes the foundations of his vision, PRAGMATIC HUMANISM©., in the form of talks, dissertations and training courses conceived for individual, governmental and corporate audiences, fundamental pillars of modern society according to his view.

Forum on Minority Issues, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva -Switzerland, November 2017

Francisco Tovar is an activist, researcher, professor, writer and international speaker, graduated from the School of International Studies of the Central University of Venezuela, specialist in African Knowledge of the Institute for Strategic Studies on Africa and its Diaspora - Center for African Knowledge (1st place in the Thomas Sankara - III cohort of the Diploma in African Knowledge - 2016), specialist in Customs Management and Foreign Trade of the National School of Administration and Public Finance and certified radio host of the Central University of Venezuela.


He is also a life coach certified by the Academy of Applied Psychology, holistic therapist and reiki teacher, trained at the International Institute of Holistic Development, and an advanced Kabbalah student from the prestigious Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Academy.



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