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Meet Francisco

Certified Life Coach


Global Activist for Social Change

Commit to your life purpose and success will follow

Francisco J Tovar (Certified Life Coach)

Francisco Tovar is a certified life coach, practitioner, holistic therapist, reiki master, and Family Constellations Facilitator. He has received training from reputable institutions such as the Modern Academy of Applied Psychology (ACHOLOGY), Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, and the International Institute of Holistic Development (IIHD).

Combining his academic preparation and spiritual training, Francisco has developed an eclectic and unique approach to life called PRAGMATIC HUMANISM©. This approach integrates both material reality and the spiritual world, aiming to find purpose and solutions to life's demands. Francisco believes that the family, the State, and corporations are the three fundamental actors in society, whose interactions shape the destiny of humanity.

Francisco's professional journey includes being a part of the hosting team for the radio show "Gente Exitosa" (Successful People) on Radio Tiempo 1200 AM in Caracas, Venezuela. He later went on to host his own program, "Semillas de Cambio" (Seeds of Change), where he promoted the foundations of his signature approach, PRAGMATIC HUMANISM©.

Currently, through the International Institute of Holistic Development (IIHD), Francisco continues to promote the principles of PRAGMATIC HUMANISM©. He offers talks, dissertations, and training courses tailored for individuals, government entities, and corporations.


Francisco considers these three pillars of modern society crucial in implementing his vision for a holistic and purpose-driven approach to life.

Forum on Minority Issues, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva -Switzerland, November 2017

Francisco Tovar is an International Studies graduate, researcher, professor, writer, and international speaker. He holds a Master's degree in International Trade and has a diploma in African Studies.  He graduated from the School of International Studies at the Central University of Venezuela, the National School of Administration and Public Finance, and the Institute for Strategic Studies on Africa and its Diaspora - Center for African Knowledge, where he achieved 1st place in the Thomas Sankara - III cohort of the Diploma in African Knowledge in 2016.

After firsthand experiences highlighting the correlation between people's level of development and respect for human rights, he founded the Institute for Afrodiasporic Studies (IAS). This non-governmental organization is dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable population, namely Afro-descendants.

His passionate humanitarian work has extended beyond borders, with notable experiences in Colombia, the United States, and Switzerland. His efforts have been recognized by prestigious organizations such as the US Department of State, the United Nations, and MIPAD Global 100. In fact, he was acknowledged as one of the 100 most influential people of African descent in the world for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018.

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