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What Is A Man (Training for Single Mothers Raising Boys)

What Is A Man (Training for Single Mothers Raising Boys)

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From My Blog

Whether you are a woman or a man in your private or public capacity, as head of an organization or community, you will find the best advices to thrive in my blog. Enjoy!

Eurica Huggins Auxum

Director, Donald M. Payne International Development Fellowship Program, Howard University

Washington, DC - US

Francisco J. Tovar is a very qualified expert in the field of International Relations/Foreign Affairs, and Human Rights. His passion, the cause on behalf of people of African descent and the expansion of consciousness as a catalyst for social change, result evident in everything he says and does. I had the privilege to meet him in his capacity as a participant of the 2017 US State Department International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) where he clearly excelled by not only demonstrating high standards of professionalism, hard work, and emotional intelligence, but a relentless will to learn and go the extra mile. One of the highlights of his participation was that, out of  a 10 people group, all Spanish-speakers, he was the only person fluent in English, which allowed him to engage in the experience in a much more profound and effective way. I have followed his performance to this day and, even in Colombia, where he was forced to flee due to political persecution in his country, he has still managed to continue his activism in human rights to very public recognition. This was corroborated by one of the members of my organization, ADACI*, who traveled to Bogota and met him personally. I truly hold Francisco to a high standard.
* ADACI - African Diaspora Ancestral Commemoration Institute


José Gregorio Castro

International Consultant and Professor, Escuela de Estudios Superiores de la Marina Mercante - EESMM-UMC

Caracas, Venezuela

I would like to take this opportunity to express some sincere and brief words of acknowledgement to my dear colleague and friend, Francisco J. Tovar B.. I must recognize that it poses a challenge, as  the qualities that distinguish his unique journey are multiple, valuable, and exceptional both as a leader, and a human being. I had the privilege of sharing with Francisco some traces of the academic path, where he stood out for his  contributions, purposeful approaches, and teamwork, which certainly led him to secure a place in the roll of honor. But most of all, Francisco is a highly socially aware individual willing to take action to cause a positive impact in the world, not only by advocating on behalf of his beloved people of African descent, but also promoting what has become his passion: a call to action in regards to the evolution of consciousness. This has allowed him to project himself as a recognized leader in the defense and promotion of human rights and personal development locally and hemispherically, with worldwide projection. Francisco has learned to channel these talents into making the world a better place, trascending the mere duties of a Human Rights activist to become a true factor of change wherever he goes. For that and more, I do not hesitate to recommend him publicly, and wish him to promptly see materialized all the success that God has in store for him.

Isabelle Mamadou

Regional Coordinator, Movimiento por la  Paz,  United Nations Fellowship for People of African Descent Senior Fellow,

Valencia - Spain

A renowned activist in the fight against racial discrimination, Francisco has also been the Venezuelan representative at the United Nations Programme for People of African Descent, where his experience and leadership always motivated the rest of the team. His passage through the program allowed both the organizing team and the rest of the participants to learn about the reality of the Afro-Venezuelan community. Through his excellent work as director and founder of the Institute of Afrodiasporic Studies (IEA), he has managed to bring together a multitude of human rights defenders and organizations in conferences and cultural events, where he promotes knowledge of the contributions of people of African descent to Latin American society and the evolution of consciousness and the necesary path to empowerment.
In 2017 and 2018, his long career in defending the rights of people of African descent and as a social leader placed him in the ranking of the 100 most influential people of African descent in the world under 40 years of age, presented by the subsidiary organization to the United Nations, "Most Influential People of African Descent" (MIPAD100).

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