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Unveiling Generational Curse

Unveiling Generational Curse or Transgenerational Trauma through the Teachings of Jesus for Personal

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Service Description

Unveiling Generational Curse or Transgenerational Trauma through the Teachings of Jesus for Personal Healing Overview: Join us for a transformative three-month online seminar as we delve into the profound teachings of Jesus Christ to address and overcome generational curses or transgenerational trauma that may have been passed down through the ages. This seminar aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of the healing power found in the timeless wisdom of Jesus, offering practical insights and tools for personal transformation. Seminar Structure: Month 1: Understanding Generational Curses and Transgenerational Trauma • Week 1: Unraveling the Threads • Introduction to generational curses and transgenerational trauma. • Identifying patterns and cycles within families. • Week 2: Biblical Foundations • Exploring relevant biblical passages that address generational issues. • Understanding the theological perspectives on curses and trauma. • Week 3: Psychological Perspectives • Integrating psychological insights on how generational patterns manifest. • Recognizing the impact on individual mental health. • Week 4: Breaking the Silence • Encouraging open dialogue about personal and familial experiences. • Sharing stories of resilience and recovery. Month 2: Jesus' Teachings for Personal Healing • Week 1: The Healing Power of Forgiveness • Understanding forgiveness as a key to breaking generational cycles. • Practical steps towards forgiveness and reconciliation. • Week 2: Love as a Transformative Force • Exploring Jesus' teachings on love and compassion. • Applying love as a catalyst for personal healing and generational change. • Week 3: Liberation through Faith • Examining the role of faith in overcoming generational challenges. • Building a foundation of trust and surrender. • Week 4: Transforming Pain into Purpose • Finding purpose and meaning in the midst of generational struggles. • Creating a roadmap for personal growth and positive change. Month 3: Practical Strategies for Implementation • Week 1: Building a Personal Healing Plan • Crafting a personalized strategy for breaking generational patterns. • Setting realistic and achievable goals. • Week 2: Community Support and Accountability • The importance of community in the healing process. • Establishing a support network for ongoing growth. • Week 3: Rituals and Practices for Generational Healing • Incorporating spiritual and practical rituals into daily life.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the high volume, we are not accepting cancellations or rescheduling. However, every class will be recorded and uploaded unto the platform for study purposes.

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