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LOVE ALCHEMY © (Inner Transformation)

LOVE ALCHEMY © ( Inner Transformation for lasting love)

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Service Description

Why on Earth do you keep repeating the same mistakes time and time again? Despite your sincerest efforts, why do you keep getting entangled with the same kind of person every time? Let’s face it! Your love life is a reflection of various aspects of your existence. The truth hidden in plain sight is that it all starts with the love you harbor or should cultivate for the most crucial person in your life – YOU. If you're committed to changing your life and finding love, "Love Alchemy" is the program you've been seeking. This is more than just superficial dating advice; it delves into the depths of your inner self to reboot your belief system for good and empower you to reach that which you’ve been longing for – true love. Love Alchemy, our 7-month training program, is designed to help you uncover and understand the patterns that have been driving your romantic choices. Through insightful self-reflection and expert guidance, you'll gain clarity on why you've been attracting certain types of partners and repeating familiar relationship dynamics. Love Alchemy: Inner Transformation for Lasting Love Program Duration: 7 Months Module 1: Foundations of Self-Love and Awareness (Week 1-4) • Session 1: Introduction to " Love Alchemy " and Self-Assessment • Session 2: Understanding Your Values and Beliefs • Session 3: Exploring Personal History and Patterns • Session 4: Building Self-Awareness through Mindfulness Practices Module 2: Emotional Intelligence and Self-Discovery (Week 5-8) • Session 5: Developing Emotional Intelligence in Relationships • Session 6: Exploring Your Emotional Triggers • Session 7: Cultivating Empathy and Understanding • Session 8: Emotional Healing and Forgiveness Module 3: Healthy Relationship Foundations (Week 9-12) • Session 9: Effective Communication Techniques • Session 10: Conflict Resolution Strategies • Session 11: Setting Healthy Boundaries • Session 12: Nurturing Trust and Intimacy Module 4: Mindset Shift for Lasting Love (Week 13-16) • Session 13: Cultivating a Positive Mindset • Session 14: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs • Session 15: Visualization and Manifestation Techniques • Session 16: Harnessing the Power of Gratitude Module 5: Building Meaningful Connections (Week 17-20) • Session 17: Understanding and Attracting Like-Minded Partners • Session 18: Creating Shared Goals and Dreams • Session 19: Fostering Deep Connections • Session 20: Celebrating Individuality in Relationships Module 6: Community and Support (Week 21-24)

Cancellation Policy

Due to the high volume, we are not accepting cancellations or rescheduling. However, every class will be recorded and uploaded unto the platform for study purposes.

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