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Unlock Your Full Potential By Conquering Yourself

  • Started Jul 2
  • 400 US dollars
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Service Description

Unlock your full potential with the IIHD Life Coaching Program, a transformative journey designed to guide you through six months of personal growth and development. With engaging, interactive classes held twice a week, you'll delve into the core principles of life coaching, self-awareness, and goal setting, laying a strong foundation in the first month. As you progress, you'll master techniques to boost confidence, build resilience, and enhance your communication skills, ensuring you navigate life's challenges with ease. IIHD Life Coaching Program Outline Duration: 6 months (July-December 2024) Frequency: 1 class per week Class Duration: 1.5 hours per class Cost: $2,400 US Dollars (Paid in monthly installments of $400) FIRST 3 MONTHS MONTH 1: FOUNDATION AND SELF-AWARENESS Week 1: Introduction to Life Coaching • Program Overview and Objectives • Understanding life coaching • Setting personal goals • The importance of self-awareness Week 2: The Life Coaching Model • Key principles and techniques • The role of a life coach • Ethical guidelines and confidentiality Week 3: Self-Assessment Tools • Personality tests (e.g., MBTI, DISC) • Strengths and weaknesses analysis Week 4: Understanding Values and Beliefs • Core values identification • Belief systems and their impact on behavior MONTH 2: GOAL SETTING AND PLANNING Week 5: Goal Setting Techniques • SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound • How to set and achieve SMART goals Week 6: Long-Term vs. Short-Term Goals • Creating a balanced life plan • Prioritizing and time management Week 7: Developing an Action Plan • Breaking down goals into actionable steps • Milestone setting and tracking progress Week 8: Overcoming Obstacles • Identifying potential barriers • Strategies for overcoming challenges MONTH 3: BUILDING CONFIDENCE AND RESILIENCE Week 9: Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence • Understanding self-esteem • Techniques to boost self-confidence Week 10: Public Speaking and Communication Skills • Effective communication techniques • Overcoming public speaking anxiety Week 11: Understanding Resilience • The importance of resilience in personal growth • Key characteristics of resilient individuals Week 12: Building Resilience • Coping strategies for stress and adversity • Mindfulness and stress management techniques

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Due to the high volume, we are not accepting cancellations or rescheduling. However, every class will be recorded and uploaded unto the platform for study purposes.

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